Doudou museum

Jardin du Mayeur
7000, Mons
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A museum dedicated to the Ducasse Rituelle, to St George and the Dragon, right in the centre of the historic heart of Mons.

Find out more about Mons’ Ducasse Rituelle throughout the year! Through exhibits from the collections belonging to the City of Mons’ museums combined with technological innovations, the museum tells you everything you need to know about the Ducasse de Mons, recognised by UNESCO in 2005. An experience somewhere between reality and the imaginary! This unique heritage is examined from different angles, from history and anthropology to science, art, secularism and religion. The museum looks at the original site of the Ducasse de Mons as well as the legend of St George, in order to appreciate and showcase all the different aspects of this universal, multi-secular story. Visitors are invited to understand and interpret this example of intangible cultural heritage. Different parts of the exhibition are designed around the main theme: St George and the Dragon, between the imaginary and reality. Educational activities, learning experiences, publications and also off-site exhibitions are developed. You can experience the legendary Ducasse de Mons whenever you like, so what are you waiting for? Come along to the Musée du Doudou!

Guided tours of the museum are available via visitMons. Information:

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