Plaza Art Cinema

Rue de Nimy, nr. 12
7000, Mons
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Plaza Art is a local and medium-sized cinema. It is a dynamic and friendly place located in the heart of the city, with reasonable prices and many activities.

Since its opening in September 1994, Plaza Art has defended a high-quality cinema, especially from Europe, in the original language with subtitles.

Plaza Art offers frequently:

- school sessions, as part of the network “Large Screen on Blackboard”

- previews in the presence of the directors and actors

- evening debates with Mons' sociocultural circles

- decentralisation of festivals (Mons Festival of Romantic Films, Brussels Festival of Short Films, Brussels Festival of Fantastic Films, etc.)

- film societies (Solidarity breakfasts, Classics on big screen, Children's 10 hour, Marvellous Canvas, Secular thought and humanism, Seniors cinema, The monthly doc and Midday court).

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